Integrity Trained

What is integrity? We are all told that integrity is having strong morals and doing what is right even when no one is looking. If that is so, why do so many of us fail at it? Is it money, title, new generation or laziness? Either way we are professional firefighters, or at least we [...]

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The Improving Fire Instructor

As I continue to take more classes in the fire service, it becomes more apparent that the level of instruction needs to be improved.  Many well intentioned instructors let their teaching abilities fall short of conducting a successful class.  Hopefully, I will share some useful observations and tips that will help you teach firefighters more [...]

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Sprinkler Riser Compliance: Red Tag/Green Tag

Red Tag/Green Tag   Have you seen these on a sprinkler system riser? Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 69A-46.041 requires all sprinkler systems to receive a green or red tag upon being inspected.  The green tag shows that the fire sprinkler system is functional and in compliance with NFPA 25 inspection requirements.  If any impairments or [...]

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Develop Yourself in 2016

In the fire service it seems that there are more avenues of professional development than you could ever pursue. With the plethora of educational and advancement opportunities available it is easy to become paralyzed with overwhelm.  However, by clearly defining your career goals, a pathway of professional development will be revealed.  But, how do you [...]

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Are Firefighters Staying Properly Hydrated?

As firefighters we are often faced with a multitude of occupational hazards such as intense radiant heat produced during a fire, elevated internal body temperatures that comes with bearing our protective clothing and extreme short bouts of physical fitness. But one of the most common and important hazards often over looked is Dehydration, and it [...]

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Are You Ready For An Online Course?

Taking courses online isn't for everyone; it takes motivation, self-discipline, good time-management skills, and basic technology skills. Self-motivation and self-discipline There can be a great amount of freedom and flexibility in the online learning environment. Along with that comes a great deal of responsibility. Succeeding in the online learning process takes a serious commitment and [...]

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After Action Review – Iberia Bank Drive-Through Collapse

On June 12, 2015, an Iberia bank drive-through collapsed in Fort Myers during business hours.  Luckily no one was injured.  Witnesses said the roof began to sag gradually before it eventually came crashing down.  An inspector investigated the cause and determined that the collapse resulted from a combination of bad design and water damage. So, [...]

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