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Free Fire Officer II Review Course when you enroll in all 4 Fire Officer II courses.

  • A study of fire inspection practices, including such items as purpose; definition; Fire Prevention Bureau activities; hazards; fire behavior; fire causes; types of construction including structural features, flame spread, occupancy and fire-load; inspection techniques; conducting inspections.  CEUs: 45 hours towards Fire Safety Inspector renewal. Required Textbook: IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 8th Edition. ISBN: 978-0-87939-605-3
  • This is a study of private fire protection and detection systems, such as sprinkler and standpipe systems, chemical extinguishing systems, detection systems and devices. Each system is discussed as to its need, construction, preventive maintenance and individual uses.  CEUs: 40 hours towards Fire Safety Inspector renewal. Required textbook: Fire Protection Systems, 2nd Edition by A. Maurice Jones, Jr., Jones & Bartlett; (2015).  ISBN-13: 978-1-284-03537-7
  • This course covers the principles of effective curriculum design. It stresses the principles of adult learning and student-centered learning. Designing courses and units that address learning, performance and behavioral objectives is the program goal.  CEUs: 40 hrs towards Instructor and Fire Safety Inspector renewal.  Required Textbook: Fire Service Instructor-Principles and Practice 2nd Ed., Jones and Bartlett, ISBN: 978-1-4496-7083-2
  • This curriculum covers multiple company operations, logistics, strategy, use of mutual aid services and operations at complex buildings. The course is intended for officers who may be in command of fires and other emergencies involving close coordination and maximum use of large amounts of personnel and equipment. Risk management planning and critical thinking skills are stressed.  Required Textbook: Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground, 4th edition, Brady. ISBN: 9780134442648  
  • Our Fire Officer II course was developed for students outside of Florida.  Designed to assist fire officers in solving the varied problems and situations they will be required to manage effectively in today's ever-changing fire service. The curriculum includes a review of fire department organization and administration, management theory, leadership, communication, motivation, and small group dynamics.  This course was designed with NFPA 1021 JPR assignments.  Required Textbook: Fire Officer Principles and Practice (3rd ed); Jones & Bartlett (2015) ISBN: 978-1-284-06836-8
  • The student will be enrolled in the Florida Fire Officer II Series which includes, Systems I, Fire Prevention Practices, Tactics II and Course Design.  When the student is enrolled in all four courses, they will receive the Fire Officer II Review Course for Free.  Get $50 off when you buy this series.