Fire eTraining Institute Scholarship Guidelines

Education and training are more important than ever right now due to the rate of retirement of our most experienced firefighters and officers.  The modern firefighter needs to be constantly learning to keep up with our changing world.  The firefighter lifestyle is not easy, and it can be difficult to pursue educational opportunities.

Fire eTraining is pleased to assist dedicated men and women by offering financial assistance.  We will select an applicant from Option 1 & 2 every six months.  The applicant will be awarded free tuition for one series of courses; FO 1, FO2 or Inspector 1.  The student must pay for any required textbooks.

Applicant Criteria

Option 1:  Must be a firefighter currently working for a Florida fire department that does not provide educational reimbursement.


Option 2:  Must be a Florida resident seeking employment from a fire department or private inspection company as a fire inspector.

Application Procedure

      1. Submit a minimum 500 word essay describing the following;
        • Importance of education in the fire service
        • What you are currently doing to make the fire service better and your future fire service goals
      2. Submit a letter and/or email to [email protected] from a chief officer or supervisor verifying that your department or school district does not provide educational reimbursement and reasons why the applicant should be awarded the scholarship.  This requirement does not apply to civilians seeking entry-level fire service employment as a fire inspector.
      3. Deadlines:  Submit all documentation to [email protected]  or submit the form below by January 15th and July 15th.

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